Spott Part of Team Developing Online Flex Business Degree


Business attorney and mediator Patrick Spott is part of the team developing a competency based Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree offered through University of Wisconsin Extension.  Led by partnerships throughout the UW System and UW-Extension, the UW Flexible Option draws upon the expertise of UW faculty to offer a more personalized, convenient, and affordable way for adults and other nontraditional students to earn a University of Wisconsin degree or certificate.  The UW Flexible Option’s self-directed, competency-based degree and certificate programs lets the student start any month, work at the student's own pace, and earn credit using existing knowledge you—whether that knowledge was gained through prior coursework, military training, on-the-job training, or other learning experiences.  Unlike traditional semester-based classroom and online programs, the UW Flexible Option awards credit based on competency, not class time. The student makes progress by passing a series of assessments—tests, papers, and other projects—that prove the student has mastered competencies—the skills and knowledge identified by UW faculty as essential to the chosen degree or certificate. As soon as the student demonstrates mastery of an area, credit is earned and the student moves on to the next competency and assessment.