Spott Kicks Off Leadership Duluth 2012-13


Attorney Patrick Spott kicked of Leadership Duluth 2012-13 on September 12, 2012 with a presentation on networking and personal relations.  Leadership Duluth is our community’s premier leadership development program.  Designed to identify, orient, develop and network existing and emerging leaders, Leadership Duluth inspires participants to take an active role in ensuring the health and prosperity of our area.

A program of the Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce, Leadership Duluth's mission is to identify, educate and inspire leaders to serve our community. Participants will collaborate with each other and area leaders to determine and define the components of a healthy community.   Through a series of educational and hands-on opportunities, participants will come to understand the inner-workings of these components and how they contribute to the Duluth area’s overall health.  Finally, in response to Leadership Duluth’s call to action, participants will be asked to share their personal and business intentions for the future.

Program objectives are to educate participants about Duluth’s cultural and business history, as well as the current issues facing the region. Invite participants to work together to foster and facilitate positive change in their workplaces and in the community. Equip participants with skills that will assist them in being more effective leaders in the workplace and in the community. Finally, the program seeks to motivate participants to pursue active leadership within those causes with which they identify.

Attorney Patrick Spott is a graduate of Leadership Duluth and actively participates in Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce initiatives and programs.